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Home Additions in Maryland, DC and Virginia


Home Additions in Maryland, DC and Virginia

The Best Home Additions and Remodeling Ideas & Solutions

Everyone reaches a point in their lives when they believe they have outgrown their home. As your kids grow, you require much more storage space to live comfortably, yet you may not have the financial means to relocate or renovate. In this case, constructing a home addition would be an excellent remodeling task. It not only meets your needs and expands the territory of your tiny house, but it also increases the market value of your home.

A standard home addition is a layout that has more than one room that is available directly from the actual building. If the addition is well-built while keeping the architectural features and design of the existing home in mind, it can easily combine and become one large house. Any room can be added. However, kitchen additions are rarely performed because, unless you want to greatly expand the kitchen, you always need only one kitchen.

A room addition is a single room built next to a house. It can only be used for one thing, like an office.

One of the most popular projects is a second-story addition to a ground structure.

Service of Contractor for Residential Home Additions

There are numerous reasons why you should consider hiring a home addition contractor for your home. You can be very innovative with your addition if you have the space in your yard.

New Concept may be the best contractor for you if you are looking for a residential addition contractor who can make the experience of adding a home addition simpler, more efficient, and more pleasurable. Our skilled specialists are second to none, with experience ranging from small home remodels to large commercial designs. We will assist you in finding the perfect solution while staying within your budget.

Estimates and Costs of Home Addition

The home addition typically includes a room with the necessary electrical wiring and minimal to no plumbing. Rooms with luxury fixtures begin to raise the square footage price. Every door, window, and wall raises the cost.

To get an idea of approximately how much your individual project will cost, contact us. If you require a more detailed estimate, feel free to call us. Our company will send a specialist to your home to estimate the exact price!


We are excited to learn more about your home addition project!


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Guarantees of quality

We understand that starting a new home addition project can be intimidating. Understanding and verbalizing your needs can be challenging. We at New Concept are dedicated to assisting you at every stage of the process. We are here to help you and make the transition as smooth as possible.


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