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Exterior Painting Service in Maryland, DC and Virginia


Implementation of the Best Renovation Ideas

Professional Exterior House Painting

Exterior house color schemes can highlight details, hide flaws, and increase charm. It is critical to choose the proper house paint.

There are numerous aspects to consider when selecting paint and coordinating exterior house color schemes. The correct pallet will be produced by weighing each component separately and together. 

Painting your house is a large and involved project, so it’s better to hire a professional.

Professional Exterior Commercial Painting

Color is a global language that speaks to our emotions and senses. This is vital to remember when choosing exterior paint colors for your business or commercial property. This allows you to make more beneficial color choices that will positively influence your customers. This, in turn, can increase the value and revenue of your company. Shades that are both professional and inviting are the way to go.

You may believe that you will do the painting yourself if you are a do-it-yourselfer. Although doing the project yourself may save you a few dollars in the short term, you should reconsider. Do you have the necessary knowledge, materials, and time? Hiring a professional painter can save you a lot of time and money, and you'll get expert results if you choose the right one.

Painting Cost Estimate

Make sure to contact us if you need any additional information about the estimates or costs.


At New Concept, we prioritize quality as we realize how vital it is for our customers' peace of mind.

The New Concept team is dedicated to exceeding your expectations and making your experience with us enjoyable. We offer a lot of solutions to help you build your dream bathroom, whether you prefer a traditional or modern style.


We value open and honest communication with our customers and are dedicated to making your dream interior a reality. Make sure to contact us or fill out the email form on our website to acquire an estimate for the average cost of a quality interior renovation service. We would gladly answer any questions you have concerning house or bathroom remodeling.


Get in touch with us today to speak with one of our professional painters and learn more about what we can do for you. There is no job too big or too small for us. We're always ready to assist. 



Guarantees of quality

On exterior painting jobs, we provide conventional and specialty paint finishes. Our professional painting crews provide clients with efficient and well-executed painting services.

The first critical step in completing your home remodeling project is selecting the right painting contractor. While there are many contractors to choose from, New Concept stands out for our level of care, expertise, and workmanship.

Since house painting can be intrusive to homeowners, we believe it is critical to establish clear objectives and timelines for when we will begin and complete our work. We will always stick to the plan so that there are no surprises. When problems occur, we will communicate with our customers as much as possible so that we are always on the same page.


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I was very happy with the work that the people over at New Concept Home Improvement did for me. From the quote process to the design process ......

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Rockville, MD

We hired New Concept improvement for entire house renovation. Tigran and his team did exceptional job. They entirely remodeled our bathroom .......

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Washington DC

My husband and I hired New Concept Home Improvement to renovate the kitchen in our new house. Tigran and his company did an incredible job and ......


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